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To all of our loyal customers! In response to your requests, we are opening a new version of SecureTabs.
Thank you very much for your trust. Please use the "IT-4752" coupon at checkout for an INSTANT 10% DISCOUNT!

SecureTabs – Generic Viagra from India is Back at Our Online Drug Store!

Online shopping for medicines, before, was unthinkable. However, as businesses have expanded most of their operations online, shopping for almost everything from the web is possible. You can buy a house online, book hotels and flights, order food, purchase clothes and now, even purchase your medicines.

The online market is like a growing living organism and connectivity is making it grow faster. That’s why online pharmacies are now dominating the web landscape in order to keep up with the increasing demand for online drug purchases.

We at Secure Tabs have long known that the online business for medicines will thrive. We were the first ones on the online market for medicines – we’ve endured a lot and we’ve worked day and night to keep our business alive during the first years. We managed to thrive for decades – not merely out of survival but out of our success in serving consumers from all continents, giving them quality medicines every time and giving them a reason to come back to our website for more.

Secure Tabs – One of the Leading Online Pharmacies of Today

Saying that we have been in the business for years is a mere understatement. Unlike most modern online pharmacies that have just been in the market in 2010 and onwards, we at Secure Tabs are one of the pioneers of the online drugstore business. We have operated our shop since the 1990s – we have gone through plenty and have persevered through the years.

What our experience has taught us is this – that all businesses should have a genuine concern for their consumers. Whether in business or in health care, the buyers should come first. Perhaps this was our secret recipe for success – the way we treat our clients and the way we have internalized the need to serve them with authenticity, putting their welfare first before our profits.

Most businesses do not care about giving their clients the best – that’s contrary to what we practice at Secure Tabs. We are not after one-offs or one-time clients – we want long-term clients who would become referrers of our service to their friends and families. Because of this goal, we at Secure Tabs have always aimed to serve our clients with the best products and the best service possible.

We make sure that all of our products are legitimate and sourced only from the best manufacturers in the world. While some online pharmacies may think that their buyers would not know the difference between substandard drugs and high-quality treatments, we know very well that consumers are smart and do their research promptly before delving into purchases. Because of this, we have strived to sell only the best medicines since we know that our clients deserve the best. Although it is common for web drugstores to mess up their service, we at Secure Tabs make sure that our buyers will return and remain with us for years.

All of the products on our platform are approved by the FDA. Our generics from India are approved by the Indian FDA and products from international sources are also certified by the FDA agency in their respective countries.

Some of the examples of the FDA approved products found in our store are the following:

  • Hair loss medicines
  • Antibiotics
  • Pain relievers
  • Diuretics
  • Impotence treatments
  • Skin care products
  • Blood sugar medications

There is no need for prescription on our platform – buyers can freely purchase their medications in our shop without Rx. You can do so because all of our products are safe and effective to use and none of the items found in our store are scheduled or illegal substances. We take pride in selling only legitimate products and we believe that this also contributes to our buyers trusting us for the longest time.

If you’re wondering about payments, we at Secure Tabs are offering you a safe credit card payment option, secured by SSL. You can use your VISA or MasterCard on our store without needing to worry about your financial information – we do not store credit card information and we make sure that no one can access your data while you pay for your orders. Also, we will never charge you extra or more than what’s on your checkout page. What you see on your checkout bill is also the final amount that would be charged to your credit card.

Another good thing about our store is our commitment to our buyers’ welfare through our solid refund and reshipment policies. Unlike most stores that could not care less about whether their buyers were able to receive their orders or not. Since we would love for our consumers to receive their orders 100% of the time, we have had refund and reshipment policies in place in case their orders were lost or damaged during transit.

Although our buyers may not return the damaged products back to us, at Secure Tabs, we issue reshipments and refunds whenever necessary. If you are one of the consumers with problems regarding your orders, just send us a message or call us and we will help you get started on your refund or reshipment claims.

Why Choose Secure Tabs?

Choosing an online drugstore to use is always a gamble, not unless you have stores like us you can trust. Most online pharmacies are unreliable because they have only existed for an average of less than a year and they do not have a strong track record to back them up.

Having a long selling history is only one of the many good points of our store. To help you look into more of our benefits, we have outlined them one by one:

  • Long, proven track record. Not all online drugstores are able to last more than a year, more so several decades. This is one of the best things about Secure Tabs – we were able to withstand the test of time. While most online drugstores have already retreated into the abyss, we’re still here, staying strong and still in the service of our most cherished clients. You should trust businesses that are able to stay alive for decades – it’s not easy keeping our operations alive in the past years, but we were able to do so, thanks to the trust of our valued clients.
  • FDA approved medicines. We only sell FDA approved medicines – we don’t deal with illegal drugs crafted in backyard laboratories. We are not in it for just profit – we want to genuinely serve our consumers so we’re conscious of what we sell. All of the products in our store are highly beneficial for our buyers, which means that all of the medicines in our shop are safe and effective to use.
  • Certified suppliers. We carefully handpick our suppliers – we go straight to FDA approved suppliers in the market and we don’t just get the cheapest products available. We have connections to networks of massive drug companies that are recognized even by the US FDA and other revered drug agencies so we can guarantee the authenticity and the safety for use of our products. At Secure Tabs, we are proud to have suppliers that are internationally recognized for their excellence – suppliers we’ve been with since we have started our online operations.
  • Cheap products. At Secure Tabs, we can say that the highlight of our existence is bringing safe and affordable medications to the general public. For the longest time, we have struggled seeing friends and family fail to afford their medications on a regular basis due to the expensiveness of the products in the local drugstore market. As for us at Secure Tabs, we have always aimed to provide inexpensive drug options to our consumers, but without compromising quality. That’s why when we have discovered the vast supply market of generic medicines, we gladly embraced the sale of these wonderful cost-effective treatments. All of the products on our shop are labeled in the lowest possible prices – we have made sure to connect with the largest suppliers of generics in the world, hence our ability to pass on plenty of savings to our consumers.
  • Plenty of deals. Surprisingly, besides the cheap prices for our medications, we also offer plenty of buyer deals to help you further maximize your savings. We discuss this in more detail in the next section.
  • Easy order process. We don’t want our consumers to get burdened by a difficult order process. With this in mind, we have made sure that our order process is easily comprehensible and easily followed by the buyers coming in contact with our store. If you plan to order from our website, you don’t have to register first or send us your email address. You just browse then add to cart then checkout – there is a detailed how to order process in the next sections.
  • Helpful customer support team. While some online drugstores do not pay attention to their support team, we at Secure Tabs made sure that our customer support members are highly trained individuals with a real concern for our buyers. Although we still have to work on having a live chat support system, we believe our email responders and our phone customer assistants are more than capable of handling concerns from our valued clients.
  • Fast website. Our website is fast, allowing all our consumers to browse freely our platform without any lags. We’ve designed our shop for speed and convenience, that’s why it is easily navigable.
  • Solid references and reviews. You won’t believe stores that are “all talk” – we don’t believe such stores too. At Secure Tabs though, we have proof of our long service and our dedication in serving our buyers, through our online reviews from our beloved consumers. Read them to understand why they have been with us for years!

Exclusive Secure Tabs Offers

Yes, we have exclusive Secure Tabs offers available for all of our buyers. We are too concerned about our buyers being able to save more when it comes to their medicines, that’s why we have had these discounts in place. Here are Secure Tabs offers you can find on our store:

  • Instant voucher discount – Using the code IT-4752, our buyers are able to maximize their savings and enjoy a 10% discount on all their orders. There are no conditions for the use of this coupon code, so buyers with all sorts of order sizes may use this code freely.
  • Freebie pills – Did you know that all orders on our Secure Tabs store are eligible for free pills? If you order on our shop now, we will ship additional pills, free of charge, as a thank you gift for your support.
  • Zero shipping fee – All consumers with orders exceeding $200 on our store will receive free shipping on their orders. Regular shipping is free, but you can also talk with us on the phone to see if we can give discounts on the faster shipping option as well.
  • Bulk pill discounts – Apart from these discounts, all buyers with large-scale orders in our store are eligible for further discounts on their orders. If you order more of one kind of pill, you will receive increasing per-pill discounts for your items.
  • Surprise cart discount – Besides all of the discounts we’ve mentioned, buyers with orders of more than $200 will also be given added discounts (10% off) on their orders, on top of their freebies or other discounts.
  • Loyalty bonus – If you’re a returning Secure Tabs client, you are entitled to another 5 to 10% discount on your order. Just keep on buying your meds on our shop to earn more loyalty discounts and bonuses!

What are Generic Medicines?

Generic medicines are unbranded counterparts of brand-name medicines usually made by massive, illustrious drug conglomerates of the world. They contain the same active ingredients present in the brand name medicines and therefore work similarly to these brand name drugs. However, the main difference between brand-name drugs and generic drugs is their price – well, most buyers think that the potency of generic medicines is way inferior to the brand name medicines, but in truth, they are just the same.

Generic medicines are widely available on Secure Tabs and we source them at reliable drug manufacturers from all over the world, which guarantees the safety and reliability of our generic drugs.

We have a wide range of generic medicines to choose from – our medicines are arranged from A to Z (per medical condition served by the products) for your easy access. You don’t have to provide a prescription for your orders since our on-site doctor would be the one to write you the Rx.

What is ED? Are there Meds for ED at Secure Tabs?

Viagra is the world’s gold standard for erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment. We have Viagra on our shop, as well as Cialis, Levitra and their generic counterparts from no less than companies like Cipla, Sun Pharmaceuticals, Torrent Pharma, Ajanta Pharma, and many other generic drug manufacturers.

You can rely on our ED treatments as much as you do on branded impotence medicines from Pfizer, Eli Lilly and Bayer. All of our ED treatments are approved by the Indian FDA and have been proven and tested through the years – you can read reviews for these products on the web to see for yourself.

Why waste thousands of dollars on expensive brand-name medicines when you can have the same effect from generics? Try out our wide range of ED products and see the similarities between them and the utterly expensive ED pills. Our pills cost less than a dollar each, so you can order months’ supply of these products without breaking the bank.

How can I order my meds on Secure Tabs?

At Secure Tabs, we enforce a rather easy order process. We follow the following simple steps:

  • Step 1: Browse

Browse for your products in our store – we have a full range of items you can choose from, from simple pain relief medicines to complex HIV treatments.

  • Step 2: Add to cart

When you have chosen your items, just add as many to your cart. We don’t have a maximum or minimum quantity for the orders, so you can freely add to cart as many products as you need.

  • Step 3: Checkout

When you’re done shopping for your medicines, just click checkout and follow the instructions regarding the shipping and the payment. Usually, this is where you’ll be redirected to a payment portal.

  • Step 4: Wait for confirmation

Wait for the confirmation email for your order. We will update you once your orders are shipped in 24-48 hours.


Secure Tabs is one of the best places you can source your medicines from. We’re here for much longer than most online pharmacies, which makes us even more reliable than most of the drugstores you see today.

We offer at least 50% savings compared to your local drugstores – our products are some of the cheapest medicines in the market, but they are also FDA approved and are highly effective and potent in treating your medical conditions.

If you haven’t tried us yet, we encourage you to take your time and browse our store, read our reviews, and do a test order. We would love to have you at Secure Tabs!

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